Recording ‘Rainlight’ was an experience that could have slipped by and been forgotten about in a moment. But my family, friends and fellow musicians pulled in with the project and it took wings. Recording an album is a process, which gives birth to the next process and on it goes.

The ‘Rainlight’ recording started at the Clew Bay Recording Studio Westport, Where the Drums [ Anthony Mc Namee] Guitar [Me ] and bass [David Dee Moore] were laid down with great fun and enthusiasm, then moved to my own Little Eden studio where the rest of the album was recorded. Fiddle [Patrick Early]

Sax [Mervyn Sayers] Backing vocals [ Joanne Keegan, David Dee Moore,

Eve Mc Gowan,  Samantha Mahon, and Me too]

The last part of this process was to up sticks and spend some time at the Grooveshack, Ramelton, Co. Donegal for Mixing and Mastering with the Master himself Billy Robinson.

I feel so Blessed and Privledged to have spent time with these wonderful music makers, with their virtuosity and their dedication to making ‘Rainlight’.

A “heartfull” Thank You to all.

Derek Mc Gowan

Rainlight, the album, will be launched at Matt Molloys Yard bar on Tuesday, 28/4/15 and is dedicated to a great friend and Best Father ever,  Jem.


Derek Mc Gowan Bio

Born in Dublin, Derek moved to the west of Ireland in the eighties and has been living near Westport, Co. Mayo for over thirty years. He has been playing guitar since the age of twelve and it wasn’t long before he started playing in bands and doing regular gigs around Dublin. Dublin was a wonderland of music on the move and unfortunately many of the old venues have disappeared. On moving to the West, he played solo gigs and two- to four-piece gigs until 1989 when he became one of the founder members of the three-piece rock and blues band, The Piston Slappers. With great success they played up and down the west coast and countrywide, also playing the Clifden Blues Festival several years in a row. Derek has played with his band, and solo with his acoustic guitar, at the Fortune Williams Music Festival in Staunton, Virginia in the U.S., appearing on the same bill as John Hiatt, Nancy Griffith, Ricky Skaggs, Mac Walter, Barbara Martin, Joe Dockery, Buddy Thomas, Wanda and the White Boys, and others.

Derek is a gifted guitar picker, plays the blues straight from the heart and rocks right up there with the best of them. All of this he brings together on his new album ‘Rainlight’. The songs on this album are all his own, a small sample of the wealth of material he has built up over the years and is now bringing to his many fans. Derek works with Energy Medicine and the Healing Arts and also makes beautiful jewellery using gold, silver, copper and brass and incorporates the methods of the ancient metal workers, often making his own tools, to create unique and original pieces. These gifts and talents have a way of influencing each other, thus making it a beautiful and healing experience.

Enjoy the music and have fun listening to the album!