Recording ‘Rainlight’ was an experience that could have slipped by and been forgotten about in a moment. But my family, friends and fellow musicians pulled in with the project and it took wings. Recording an album is a process, which gives birth to the next process and on it goes.

The ‘Rainlight’ recording started at the Clew Bay Recording Studio Westport, Where the Drums [ Anthony Mc Namee] Guitar [Me ] and bass [David Dee Moore] were laid down with great fun and enthusiasm, then moved to my own Little Eden studio where the rest of the album was recorded. Fiddle [Patrick Early]

Sax [Mervyn Sayers] Backing vocals [ Joanne Keegan, David Dee Moore,

Eve Mc Gowan,  Samantha Mahon, and Me too]

The last part of this process was to up sticks and spend some time at the Grooveshack, Ramelton, Co. Donegal for Mixing and Mastering with the Master himself Billy Robinson.

I feel so Blessed and Privledged to have spent time with these wonderful music makers, with their virtuosity and their dedication to making ‘Rainlight’.

A “heartfull” Thank You to all.

Derek Mc Gowan

Rainlight, the album, will be launched at Matt Molloys Yard bar on Tuesday, 28/4/15 and is dedicated to a great friend and Best Father ever,  Jem.

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